Reeds Vol 16: Electrical Power Systems for Marine Engineers


Boyd, Gordon (Senior Lecturer, South Tyneside College, UK) | Paperback | 8-1-2024

A new title in the highly respected Reeds Marine Engineering Series, in response to the increasing reliance on electrical power systems in the marine and offshore industry.

Large passenger ships now carry as many electrical officers as marine engineers, electrical propulsion is now in common use by LNG carriers, small parcel tankers, oil tankers, ferries, offshore support, the navy, fleet auxiliary, cable layers and cruise ships, and a number of shipping companies now award the Chief Electro Technical Officer the equivalent rank to the ship’s master and Chief Engineer. These developments have resulted in the establishment of a Foundation Degree programme for Electro Technical Officers and the current development of full degree programmes. As such, a targeted textbook for students on the subject is required.

As with all titles in the Reeds Marine Engineering Series, this book will be written in clear, accessible language, so as to be of use to all students and particularly those for whom English isn’t their first language. Technical drawings and diagrams will be used throughout and each chapter will be accompanied by example examination questions.a

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Reeds Vol 16: Electrical Power Systems for Marine Engineers