Reeds Vol 5: Ship Construction for Marine Engineers


Russell, Paul Anthony | Paperback | 2-2-2022

This authoritative textbook covers ship construction techniques and methods for all classes of the Merchant Navy marine deck and engineering Certificates of Competency (CoC) as well as students studying for degrees and diplomas in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It is complementary to Reeds Vol 4 (Naval Architecture) and Reeds Vol 8 (General Engineering Knowledge).

This fully revised edition prioritises the need of these students, recognising recent syllabus changes and current pathways to a sea-going engineering career, with the increased emphasis on academic content to be delivered by colleges and universities. The text has been updated and expanded to reflect recent developments in techniques and materials used, and related changes in ship design, including sample examination questions and worked example answers throughout.

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Reeds Vol 5: Ship Construction for Marine Engineers